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Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

Lirik Cannibal corpse - Encased In Concrete

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Genre : Death Metal
Hometown : Buffallo, New York, Amerika Serikat
Line Up :
  • George Fisher - vocals
  • Pat O'Brien - guitar
  • Rob Barrett - guitar
  • Alex Webster - bass
  • Paul Mazurkiewicz - drums
Encased In Concrete

Bound Blindfolded
Thickened liqiud soaks my feet it’s rising upward
Shrieks of panic
Hardened liqiud traps my feet insanity is closer

I don’t want to die
No one hears my cries
Liqiud to my knees
Encased in concrete

Can’t break free immobilized
Thinning air asphyaxiates
Won’t cling on to life much longer
Almost over

Almost covered
Thickened liqiud to my chest it’s rising upward
Silent panic
Hardened liwiud to my cest insanity is here

A tube is forced down my throat to breathe
Convulsions from the oxygen intake
Are barely expanding slow suffocatione
Ice cold cement is poured over my head

Massive pressure as it sets
Never  to be seen again
Won’t cling on to life much longer
Almost over

Wanted to survive
No one heard my cries
Liquid transforming
Encased in concrete
Come to realize My life won’t last long
Shrouding my body

Encased in concrete [3x]

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