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Minggu, 18 September 2011

Alesana - Track List "A Place Where The Sun Is Silent "

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Alesana will release " A Place Where The Sun Is Silent " on October 18, 2011 via Epitaph Records.

Track Listing:
Act One: The Gate
1.The Dark Wood Of Error- 2:13
2.A Forbidden Dance- 3:53
3.Hand In Hand With The Damned- 4:36
4.Beyond The Sacred Glass- 6:03
5.The Temptress- 4:21
6.Circle VII: Sins Of The Lion- 4:09
7.Vestige- 2:58
8.Lullaby Of The Crucified- 4:48

Act Two: The Immortal Sill
1.Before Him All Shall Scatter- 0:54
2.Labyrinth- 4:04
3.The Fiend- 3:57
4.Welcome To The Vanity Faire- 4:37
5.The Wanderer- 1:37
6.A Gilded Masquerade- 4:35
7.The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Marionettes- 5:35
8.And Now For The Final Illusion- 3:43

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